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This page contains links to information and resources that are helpful for your recovery.  All are specifically chosen by me and years of scouring the internet for legit content. Click any of the buttons to be take to that website.

Online Pelvic Health courses by Julie Wiebe, PT

Julie Wiebe, PT is one of the leading experts in pelvic health, decreasing incontinence, and returning women to sport.  I have learned a great deal from taking her professional courses.  She also offers online pelvic health courses for patients.  I am happy to say that I am a affiliate of her online programs.  Click the button above to check out Julie's online courses.  

Current Medical Technology (CMT Medical)​

CMT offers almost anything that you may need to address your pelvic health needs.  They sell lubricants, pelvic wands, Elvie Pelvic Floor trainer that works with your phone, education materials, you name it!  If you are interested in purchasing an Elvie Trainer please contact me and I can provide you with a code to receive 10% off.  Please let me know if you have questions about any of their products and if they would be helpful for you.

Pelvic Therapies

I often recommend that my patients with pelvic pain purchase PelviWands for self trigger point release at home.  Click on the button above to see what Pelvic Therapies has to offer.  If you check out their 'Pelvic Pain Resources' section you can also watch this video that explains how using the wand can help decrease pain. 

Buti Yoga  

Why do I like Buti yoga and what the heck is it?  Buti Yoga combines tribal dance, plyometrics, and yoga with energetic music to give you a great work out.  It combines a lot of spiraling movements and breath work which is great for digestion and loosening up the thoracic spine.  A lot of these concepts are great for people with pelvic health issues.