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Chakras: the REAL deal


If you would have asked me a year ago if I believed in Chakra work I probably would have rolled my eyes, spun on my heels, and started walking in the other direction.  That was, however, before the universe gave me a big middle finger, turned my world upside down, and made me take a good hard look at what I was doing with my life.


From a Facebook ad I ended up finding Buti Yoga, started practicing weekly taking online classes in my family room, and within the next 6 months I was signed up to take Buti yoga teacher training. 


The Buti Yoga practice had me moving my body in ways I hadn’t in years.  It woke up my playful and feminine side.  It also made me work on my weaknesses: like self-love and speaking up when I had something to say.


Part of the yoga teacher training was to study the 7 chakras and identify where we had imbalances.  I can honestly say that taking time to study myself, my habits, and my beliefs (true or not) caused me to take pause and make some significant changes in my life for the better. 


My goal is to bring that same re-discovery to the women I work with.  I treat so many women that are in pain, run down, moving from one task to another, with no time for self-love or to celebrate who they are.


Well that’s just not right.  Despite what modern society would like us to believe, women are the foundation of what makes this world turn.  Ever heard, “If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy”?


You have 7 primary Chakras.  A Chakra is a center of energy that allows energy to flow through your body from your Root (Chakra 1) to your Crown (Chakra 7).  Each Chakra is associated with a specific gland, area of the body and symptoms of imbalance (physical, emotional and spiritual). 


In my work as a pelvic health therapist I see a lot of women with imbalances in their 1st or 2nd chakra that are affecting other areas of their lives today.


Signs of Chakra 1 imbalances: constipation or diarrhea, sciatica, and addiction.  It is commonly associated with childhood trauma between the ages of 0-7, frequent moving or feeling of insecurity in family life or at home.


Signs of Chakra 2 imbalances: promiscuity, lack of secure identity, body image issues, eating disorders, frequent UTI, PCOS, infertility, career and finance issues, and lack of creativity.  It is commonly associated with an unstable home environment or having parents that tried to make everything perfect, and lack of a praise or punishment system. 


Why is it worth exploring these things of our past?  Because if you haven’t dealt with events in your past I guarantee you that your body is holding onto these feelings and affecting your decisions today.  What would it feel like to have understanding and control of that?  To feel free?


Join myself and Kestrel Bishop of Mindful Essentials on Saturday March 23rd at Farm to Treatment Table in Edgewater for a workshop on Chakras and Essential Oils. 


More information to come!



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