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Located in Farm to Treatment Table:

5354 W. 25th Ave.

Edgewater, CO. 80214


ph: 720-443-0469

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Anderson Physical Therapy & Wellness


We focus on helping women feel their best by educating them about their bodies & teaching them tools for pain and stress management.
Are you experiencing one of these scenarios?
  -Sex shouldn't be painful.  If it hurts, we can help.
   -Do you love working out, but feel defeated when
   lifting weights or running causes you to leak urine?
   We got your back, girl.
  -Periods should not be so painful that you miss work or      social engagements. We can help.
  -If constipation or pelvic heaviness stops you from             doing activities you enjoy we have tools to change that.
  -Are you experiencing pain during your pregnancy or         wanting guidance on what positions might
   be best for you during labor & delivery? 
   Let's come up with a plan!

Our goal is to help you move and feel your best, age well, and enjoy your life.

After all, health is wealth.

Yes you can!