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Located in Farm to Treatment Table:

5354 W. 25th Ave.

Edgewater, CO. 80214


ph: 720-443-0469

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Patient Reviews:

"My experience here has been phenomenal! Jen is clearly passionate about what she does, which translated into the most personalized healthcare experience I've ever had. She genuinely listened and made me feel extremely comfortable. My goal was to get back to weight lifting so she brought gear from her home in for our sessions. That felt above and beyond! She has an amazing practice that I highly recommend."
"I have been going to Anderson physical therapy for a while now and it has been the best experience. She helps me with all problems from headaches, to jaw problems, to muscular pain. Since seeing her I have felt more capable of daily movement. I highly recommend spending some time with her!"
"Jen is really amazing. I went to her after spending a year in physical therapy through my HMO with minimal results. I was frustrated and struggling with be told I was fixed when I clearly wasn’t. Jen really listened to my concerns and found things that would actually work for me. She helped me find resources for all aspects of my health and after a year with her I really feel like I am back on track to being back to where I was before I had my kids. She also helped with some injuries my husband had. Her office is beautiful and convenient. She’s truly one of the best medical professionals I’ve worked with!"